About Us

Burritos are cool. Beaches are cool. Bam! You've just witnessed the birth of Burrito Beach. It's a simple concept. But sometimes the simplest ideas happen to be the best. And when we started to look at what's best about the beach, the more we wanted to bring those things to our unique food experience.

It's hotter at the beach. And our flavors are spicier, bolder and better - from cabo shrimp tacos to our buffalo chicken burrito - than anything you'd hope to find under generic silver foil. It's refreshing at the beach. Like an ice cold horchata washing down some uber-fresh guac made twice daily from perfectly ripe avocados.

A sunrise is more spectacular at the beach. Not so coincidentally, our breakfast is incredible. Everyone loves getting toasty at the beach. Our toasted quesadillas are love at first bite.

It's chill at the beach. Our salsa verde has been clinically proved to negate the effects of work-related stress. And just as the beaches of Chicago are the city's hidden summer gems, Burrito Beach is proud to say we're locally grown and independently owned.

Beaches are fun. Beaches have passion. Beaches are spontaneous. Every way you look at it, life's tastier at the beach.