What is Burrito Beach Bonus?

  • Burrito Beach Bonus is a rewards program that lets you earn points with every in-store, online or catering order towards a free entrée or catering reward.
  • Every $1 spent = 10 points

How can I earn points?

  • In order to earn points in the Burrito Beach Bonus program, you must have an activated card or register an account on the app or on our website
  • During your transaction at the store, there are several ways that you can earn points:
    • Scan 'My Loyalty Card' in the Burrito Beach app
    • Swipe your activated loyalty card
    • Give the cashier your phone number
  • If you order online through the Burrito Beach app, you will automatically earn points with your transaction
  • If you order online through a mobile or desktop site, you will need to sign into your loyalty account, and then points will be automatically earned with your transaction

How do I get a free entrée?

  • When you earn 1200 points, you will have a 'Free Entrée' reward automatically available in your account. The reward expires within 30 days of receipt.

Do I get anything when I sign up?

  • After you sign up and make your first purchase as a registered loyalty member, we will put a free entrée reward in your account!

Do I get anything for my Burrito Beach punch card?

  • You bet! Every punch is worth $10 (aka 100 points) in the loyalty program. In order to get your punches converted to points, there are three very important steps:
    1. Create an account with the Burrito Beach rewards program on burritobeach.com/loyalty or in the Burrito Beach app
    2. Write VOID on the front of your paper punch card
    3. Email loyalty@burritobeach.com a picture of your paper punch card
  • Please be patient and give us 5-7 days to enter the points as it is a manual process. If you are still waiting for your points, please email loyalty@burritobeach.com
  • Make sure the picture shows clearly how many punches you have on your card
  • Once you write VOID on the card and email the picture, you can no longer use it to earn or redeem at the store

How do I redeem my reward?

  • In-store redemption:
    • Let the cashier know you wish to redeem a loyalty reward
    • Provide your loyalty ID by either swiping your card, providing your number or scanning 'My Loyalty Card' in the app
  • Online ordering through the app:
    • When you are reviewing your order, under the 'Rewards' section, select 'Apply Rewards'. Any available rewards will be shown there and you can select which one to apply to your order. The discount will then be applied and the reward will be used
  • Online ordering through a mobile site or on a desktop site:
    • Sign into your loyalty account on the online ordering site
    • When you are reviewing your order, under the 'Rewards' section, select 'Apply Rewards'. Any available rewards will be shown there and you can select which one to apply to your order. The discount will then be applied and the reward will be used

Do my points expire?

  • No. Points in the Burrito Beach Bonus program do not expire

Will my reward expire?

  • Yes! Don't hold on to your earned reward for too long. Once you earn a reward, you have 30 days to redeem that reward.

Does my free entrée include guacamole?

  • Yes it does. Other add-ons like extra meat will be charged at full price.

How does the rewards program work with Catering?

  • You will earn 10 catering points for every $1 spent on catering menu items from Burrito Beach
  • When you earn 5,000 catering points, your account will receive a Catering Reward
  • A Catering Reward is your choice of either
    • 12 servings of chips + guacamole for free -or-
    • 12 servings of the sweet beach platter for free
  • When you place the catering order over the phone or by emailing catering@burritobeach.com, you should let them know you are a Bonus program member and the phone number associated with your account
  • If you place a catering order online, you should login to your rewards account to automatically earn catering points with your order

How many points do I get if I spend $12.50?

  • Points are awarded based on pre-tax totals
  • If your subtotal is $12.50, you will earn 10 points for every $1 and 1 point for every $0.10, so you will earn 125 points

Do all items earn points?

  • Yes! Any food item ordered at Burrito Beach will earn points!
  • Gift card purchases and orders made through third-party vendors like GrubHub or DoorDash do not earn points

Can I earn points using my receipt after the transaction?

  • No. You must check-in at the time of the transaction in order to earn the points If you forgot to check-in or there was a mistake and you didn't receive your points, please email loyalty@burritobeach.com with a copy of your receipt

Why can't I redeem my reward?

  • Is your loyalty account registered? You have to sign up with an email and/or phone number to register your loyalty account in order to redeem your rewards. You can register at burritobeach.com/loyalty
  • Have you earned at least 1200 points to earn a free entrée reward? You need to have earned 1200 points on your loyalty account in order to earn the free entrée reward

Can I earn and redeem points at any Burrito Beach?

  • Yes! All six Chicagoland locations are operating with the Burrito Beach Bonus program

Can I use my Burrito Beach Bonus points or rewards when ordering through a third party like GrubHub, DoorDash or Ritual?

  • No. Burrito Beach loyalty transactions only work to earn points and redeem rewards when ordering directly with Burrito Beach in-store, online or in the app

I don't have a smart phone. Can I still participate in Burrito Beach Rewards?

  • Yes. You can sign up at burritobeach.com/loyalty and use your phone number at the register or you can get an activated loyalty card from the store and register it on our website

Do I get anything on my birthday?

  • Yes! You will get a free cookie reward in your account at the beginning of your birthday month, and you have the whole month to redeem that reward

How does refer a friend work?

  • Select 'Refer A Friend' in the app. Choose if you would like to share your referral with a friend via text message, email or on facebook
  • Your friend will receive a link to register for Burrito Beach Bonus
  • When your friend makes a purchase after they have registered from your link, you will receive 100 points!

When will the points I earned show up on my account?

  • Once the transaction is complete, you should be able to see your points in the loyalty app or on the website.